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Sabtu, 07 Desember 2013

How to setting static ip address in Mageia 3 using GUI

Today I post  how to setting ip address in Mageia 3 using GUI, with GUI you can setting static ip easier more using console, that is simple! 
1. Turn on your PC or Computer and starting with Mageia 3

2. Go into Network Center. Simple way just click earth picture in bottom right. Then, configure your interface by click interface what you want to configure (for example : eth0)

3.Fill your IP Address and Netmask. Then click OK

Read! Rules of configure IP Address (not yet to post)

4. Restart your network use terminal.
open your terminal and type :
(type your password)
service network restart

5. Turn off your firewall

In Mageia 3 (as I have) there are problems when you want to turn off your firewall. One of them, your firewall can't turn off with normally method. 
the following is a way turn off your firewall :
a. Go in Mageia Control Center - Software Management - Install and remove software
b. search shorewall-ipv6 lalu uninstall that, just uncheck then apply
c. Go in Mageia Control Center - Security - set up firewall
d. Checklist Everything (no firewall). Automatically when you click ok, it need to install shorewall-ipv6. Install that

Read: How to turn off your firewall if you can't turn off that 

Prove your firewall that really off. Just back to step 3 in the following is a way turn off your firewall
Finish, just type ping in terminal. If reply that means you complete!

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